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Gardena CA


The city of Gardena CA is a small, pleasant community with a reputation for having traditionally been one of the few green spots between LA and the sea during the dry season. The city dates back to the 1880s, when land developers split up a local ranch estate into smaller parcels, many of which were bought up by Civil War veterans who had moved to California. Soon, the arrival of the railroad in Gardena CA fueled a real estate boom and the community really started to thrive. Growing strawberries was a popular endeavor and up until WWI the area was often referred to as “Berryland.” Gardena CA’s motto is “The City of Opportunity.” Make sure this motto applies to human residents only, not termites, by investing in termite control services from the licensed experts at Escocia Termite. We offer everything from termite inspections and fumigations to termite repair for damaged structural woodwork.