Vikane Gas

How Vikane® Fumigation Works

Crew Tenting HomeWhen conducting whole-structure fumigation with Vikane® gas fumigant, your fumigation professional will follow a proven process that has been used successfully for over half a century to ensure all the drywood termites are eliminated. Here’s how the fumigation process works:

A fumigation crew works to “tent” a home prior to fumigation.

  • The fumigation process starts with preparing your home for fumigation.
  • Once you’ve prepared your home and left, the fumigation crew will cover your home with tarps or plastic sheeting. This is called “tenting” the home.
  • Once tented, a warning agent is released into the home as a precaution.
  • Next, all doors are secured using deadbolts and secondary locks to help prevent unauthorized entry.
  • Now, fumigation begins.  Vikane® gas fumigant is released into the home. The gas enters into the wood through pores and minute cracks, filling all air spaces and voids in the wood, walls and floor. Vikane moves through all of the termite galleries – the tunnels and passages chewed into the wood – killing all the termites as it goes.
  • Finally, the tarps are removed and your home is aerated with fans. Your fumigation professional will check the home with sophisticated equipment, designed specifically for detecting Vikane, to ensure the fumigant has dissipated from the structure before allowing you to return.

Because it is an inorganic gas, Vikane® gas fumigant completely dissipates from a structure following fumigation, leaving no surface residue, odor, or film behind. This means you will not have to wash dishes, linens, clothing, or furnishings after fumigation.

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