Fumigations in Torrance CA

Escocia Termite offers safe & effective fumigations in Torrance CA to eliminate termites

Fumigations in Torrance CA

If evidence of drywood termites has been found in your residential or commercial property, fumigation in Torrance CA offers the best method of destroying the colony and preventing the termites from doing further damage. Escocia Termite is proud to offer safe, professional fumigation services using Vikane gas, a trusted brand that is used extensively in the industry.

Benefits of Fumigation in Torrance CA

Fumigation in Torrance CA is simply the best, most comprehensive method of killing termites inside a structure, because the gas can penetrate to every nook and cranny, even reaching wood that is located behind drywall. The main benefits of fumigation include:

  • Killing all termites without the need to locate each termite gallery
  • Reaching every piece of wood in the structure
  • Providing a cost-effective solution to extensive infestations
  • Structures are safe for reoccupancy after 3 days and 2 nights
  • No residue, film, or odor left behind on furnishings

Is the Fumigation Process Really Safe?

Fumigation in Torrance CA is perfectly safe, provided you employ a licensed company like Escocia Termite that will ensure safety measures are followed to the letter. The first safety precaution is to make sure no people, pets, or plants are present in the building and food and other items have been bagged. Then, we will tent the building, enveloping it in plastic so that none of the Vikane gas can escape. During fumigation, we make sure the structure is locked and the required signage is present to warn the public that fumigation is in progress. After the fumigation is complete, we aerate the building with fans and then test the air to make sure all the gas is gone. Then you can enter the building safely and enjoy a termite-free environment.


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