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Regardless of whether or not you think you may have termites, it’s wise to get a professional opinion. If you’re not vigilant, termites can do a lot of damage, consuming wood from the inside out and weakening the structure of your home or commercial building, before you even know they’re there. Getting annual termite control in San Pedro CA from Escocia Termite can help you stay on top of termite problems and catch and infestations early. Our services include:

Why You Need Annual Termite Control

If you want to keep the wood in your property in the best possible condition, you need to invest in annual termite control in San Pedro CA. Your annual termite control visit will begin with an inspection conducted by a licensed professional who knows how to spot signs of termites. If termite activity is found during the inspection, we can provide a XT 2000 Orange Oil Plus treatment to kill termites on contact  in specific areas or a fumigation to protect the whole building. After a fumigation or XT 2000 Orange Oil Plus treatment, or in cases where no termites were found in the first place, you can continue to keep your property safe using preventative termite treatments. We can place poison termite bait or termite repellant around the perimeter of your home to prevent termites from taking up residence in the future.

Simply the Best in Termite Control in San Pedro CA

Escocia Termite takes pride in offering superior termite control in San Pedro CA. Our staff of licensed inspectors and fumigators is committed to giving you the very best service through thorough inspections and safe extermination activities. You can hire us for a same-day or weekend inspection or call us any time with questions about termite problems on your property.


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