Termite Damage in Redondo Beach CA

Don’t let termite damage in Redondo Beach CA progress unchecked! Contact Escocia Termite for effective termite control services

According to the National Pest Management Association, termites do an estimated $5 billion in property damage each and every year. Under the right conditions, any residential or commercial property, old or new, can suffer from an infestation leading to significant termite damage in Redondo Beach CA. Termites can be all but impossible for property owners to control on their own. Fortunately, you can get professional help with termite detection, extermination, and prevention, plus expert repair services for termite damage, from Escocia Termite.

Stop Termites in their Tracks

Termites eat constantly and reproduce quickly, meaning a few individuals can quickly multiply to the point where they are causing tremendous amounts of damage to your property. That’s why it’s important to be proactive about termite control on your property. You can get started by contacting Escocia Termite for a professional termite inspection. We look for all kinds of termite infestations, paying particular attention to damp or hidden areas that are especially prone to termite damage in Redondo Beach CA. We offer same-day inspections, weekend inspections, and even annual inspection visits. If an inspection reveals the presence of termites, we can immediately spring into action to kill them using:

  • Vikane Gas Fumigation
  • XT 2000 Orange Oil Plus
  • Local Termite Treatments

Not sure which treatment is best? Our termite control specialists will be happy to explain how these treatments work and recommend the most effective service or services for your needs.

Repair Termite Damage in Redondo Beach CA

Unlike other termite control companies, Escocia Termite doesn’t leave you hanging when it comes to repairing termite damage in Redondo Beach CA. Using a single company for both termite extermination and termite damage repair can really improve the speed and efficiency of your project, enabling you to get back to using your property as normal faster. You can rely on us to locate all the damaged wood, replace it with new primed wood, and also lay bait or poison to prevent termites from returning.

Ready to Repair & Prevent Termite Damage?

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