Termite Damage in Orange County CA

Don’t let termite damage in Orange County CA progress unchecked! Contact Escocia Termite for effective termite control services

Termites are probably one of the most destructive and costly types of pests you can have in your property. They can do thousands of dollars’ worth of damage, and your insurance policy probably won’t even cover it. No property is immune–any commercial or residential structure containing wood can be vulnerable to termite damage in Orange County CA. Fortunately, you can turn to Escocia Termite for help. As a licensed, bonded, and insured termite control specialist, we can detect and eliminate current termite colonies and repair any damage they have done.

Stop Termites in their Tracks

Termites are sometimes called the “silent destroyers” for their ability to cause huge amounts of damage right under your nose. That’s why it’s important to be proactive about termite control on your property. Getting a termite inspection from Escocia Termite is an excellent first step in this process. Our professional inspectors know exactly what tell-tale signs of termite damage in Orange County CA to look for. Our inspections can be scheduled on the same day you call, on a weekend, or even set up on an annual basis. If the inspector finds evidence of termites, we can react swiftly to kill the colony using some of these treatments:

  • Vikane Gas Fumigation
  • XT 2000 Orange Oil Plus
  • Local Termite Treatments

Our expert termite control specialists will explain the advantages and disadvantages of various treatment options and help you choose the one that is best for your termite infestation.

Repair Termite Damage in Orange County CA

Unlike your average termite company, Escocia Termite can repair termite damage in Orange County CA as well as detect it. Using a single company for both termite extermination and termite damage repair can really improve the speed and efficiency of your project, enabling you to get back to using your property as normal faster. Because we replace all damage wood with quality, primed lumber and also offer local treatments for termite deterrence, you can rest assured that our repairs will be long-lasting.

Ready to Repair & Prevent Termite Damage?

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