Termite Damage in Gardena CA

Don’t let termite damage in Gardena CA progress unchecked! Contact Escocia Termite for effective termite control services

Depending on the size of the infestation and how long it is allowed to continue, termites can cause hundreds or even thousands of dollars in property damage. Any property can suffer from termite damage in Gardena CA. Even if you can’t see the damage taking place on exterior wood or trim, termites might be dining unseen on your structural wood. Fortunately, you can turn to Escocia Termite for help. As a licensed, bonded, and insured termite control specialist, we can detect and eliminate current termite colonies and repair any damage they have done.

Stop Termites in their Tracks

Termites are voracious eaters and can do a lot of damage in a little time. In order to effectively control termites and prevent this kind of damage, it’s important to be vigilant about termite inspection and control activities. Getting a termite inspection from Escocia Termite is an excellent first step in this process. Our professional inspectors know exactly what tell-tale signs of termite damage in Gardena CA to look for. We offer same-day inspections, weekend inspections, and even annual inspection visits. As soon as we detect any kind of termite presence on your property, we will notify you immediately. You may choose from the following options to kill the termites:

  • Vikane Gas Fumigation
  • XT 2000 Orange Oil Plus
  • Local Termite Treatments

Not sure which treatment is best? Our termite control specialists will be happy to explain how these treatments work and recommend the most effective service or services for your needs.

Repair Termite Damage in Gardena CA

Unlike other termite control companies, Escocia Termite doesn’t leave you hanging when it comes to repairing termite damage in Gardena CA. For your convenience and safety, we can begin the repair process as soon as our extermination work is complete. Because we replace all damage wood with quality, primed lumber and also offer local treatments for termite deterrence, you can rest assured that our repairs will be long-lasting.

Ready to Repair & Prevent Termite Damage?

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