Non-Toxic Topia Treatments

Topia treatments are a safe and effective way of spot-treating dry wood termite infestations. Depending on the scope and severity of your infestation, Topia treatments can be used as an alternative to other local treatments that have chemicals.

Residential Termite Control and Repairs

How Topia Works

Topia is an all-natural aerosol product that utilizes a proprietary blend of plant oils to kill termites on contact. While these oils have proven insecticidal properties, they are also demonstrably safe when used as directed, and therefore Topia officially qualifies as a Minimum Risk 25(b) Exempt product with the EPA.

One of our skilled termite control technicians will simply apply Topia to all areas where dry wood termites have been sighted. Because the product is water-based, it poses very little risk of staining or corrosion on surfaces where it is used. The mild aroma of the product will dissipate quickly and leave no harmful residue behind.

Advantages of Topia Treatments

Topia treatments are very useful in the fight against dry wood termites for several reasons:

  • Topia is safe to use around children and pets
  • Topia treatments don’t require residents to move out
  • Topia treatments won’t contaminate sealed food or medicine in the building

Contact us today to learn more about how non-toxic Topia treatments can help keep your property free of dry wood termites.